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what we do

represents a comprehensive learning process that currently includes over 50 courses in the following areas: 

Career Development, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Supervisor’s & Managers, Personal Fulfillment, Technology

Each seminar is taught by a trained professional with many years of experience in that particular field. Please click on the seminars tab and view a detailed description of each course that includes a course outline and what you will learn.

Our philosophy is that learning is the key to success in all aspects of life. “Everyday we should learn something new.” We practice a relaxed teaching style in a stress free environment and encourage attendees to actively participate in our courses so they get the most from their learning experience.


“Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I'll understand.”
  - Chinese proverb




We specialize in sales & marketing training as well as customer service. Our customer service training program includes 3 modules: Please click on each Seminar to see a detailed description.


 Understanding Customer Service

Whether you talk to customers face to face, on the phone or via the Internet, your customers are your most valuable asset. This seminar looks at the fundamentals of customer service and how you can keep your customers coming back.


Stress Management

It is difficult to provide good customer service if you have difficulty performing your job. This seminar looks at the common causes of stress and work life balance and provides strategies to help you cope.


Team Building

Attracting good employees is a manager's dream. Keeping them, however,  is another challenge. This seminar looks at ways to build and strengthen your team so every day becomes a solid cohesive effort.





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