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What if I told you that you could:

1.) Produce extraordinary results by putting the power of your subconscious mind to work.
2.) Have a positive attitude and think differently.
3.) Live in possibility.
4.) Eliminate negative behaviour that is just not working for you.

Would you be interested? Would you listen? Would you want to? Of course you would. Well, the good news is you can. The fact is we all have that ability in us right now. We just need to understand and apply the proper techniques and strategies to help us all become winners. Empowerment and not willpower is the only answer.

Everyone would love to eliminate bad habits whether that habit is smoking, over eating, procrastination, or any other phobia or negative behaviour in their lives. For some reason they just cannot seem to do it. You see our lives are determined by what we are thinking, what we are listening to and what we are not thinking. If we think negatively, we produce negative results. If we listen to negative ideas, we cannot focus on positive ideas and most importantly. If we are conditioned to feeling inferior or have been constantly told we are failures, we believe this and therefore, cannot be productive. This is why the combination of empowerment and hypnosis is so important. Empowering yourself means taking back control of your life and using positive self-talk to create a positive environment to prosper. Willpower just doesn’t work and there is a very good reason for that.


Your subconscious mind which makes up 95% of your brain contains all of your habits, urges, feelings and experiences. Because of this, it is more powerful than your conscious mind and when there is a conflict - guess who wins - Your Subconscious. Your subconscious overwhelms your conscious mind with experiences and feelings that are too great to resist. This is why willpower (which is part of your conscious mind) usually does not work. The answer to this common problem is empowerment and hypnosis. People are able to make life changing decisions and take back control of their lives, whether the stress in their lives is caused by smoking, overeating or any eating disorder or whether the stress is job, home or personal related.


"HYPNOSIS" comes from the Greek word "hypno" meaning to sleep. I would prefer to call it meditation or positive mental energy. Hypnosis or meditation allows you to replace all your negative energy with positive energy and help you reach the goals you have found so hard to achieve. Hypnosis relies on relaxing your conscious mind because it is our conscious mind that judges and evaluates. Our subconscious mind has no critical thinking so it accepts everything presented to it as long as it is beneficial to you. I use a combination of hypnosis and PSYCH-K (see link below) which I feel gets more positive results. As a final thought, please do not be apprehensive about hypnosis. It is merely pure psychology in action. There is nothing to fear in hypnosis. You cannot be made to do something you would not want to do. No one has that kind of power. I certainly do not have any special powers but what I do have is the ability to help you understand yourself and what is preventing you from reaching your true potential. Each and every person has the ability to do and be whatever they want. It is a simple matter of deciding what is important in your life and working hard to make your dreams come true.


The most asked question I get from people is, "DOES IT WORK? What I can tell you is most people do not let me know about their success. The only feedback I get is when someone calls me and tells me that their brother, sister, neighbour etc. came to see me years ago and either quit smoking, lost weight or eliminated a phobia like flying. My best guess is that the success rate of my clients is anywhere from 50-90%.

Many clients are nervous because they are doing something for the first time but there is nothing to fear in hypnosis. It is pure psychology and suggestion. There are negative behaviours that you want to fix and hypnosis has a great track record.


  1. What is it?
    Hypnosis is NOT sleep as you know it. It is NOT for weak or gullible people or someone out of control. Hypnosis is simply the ability to focus, concentrate, relax and use your imagination. It is the ultimate form of control.

  2. What is your subconscious mind?
    It is a kind of computer that contains all your feelings, memories and experiences as well as your habits. One of its rolls is to convert short term memory into long term memory while you sleep so it is important to hold positive thoughts at bed time.

  3. What are some of the problems that hypnosis can help with?
    The most common issues I help people with are: Smoking, Weight, Stress, Sleep, Phobias and Fears, Panic Attacks, Self Esteem and Anxiety.

  4. Who can be hypnotized?
    Anyone can. I have had clients as young as 7 and as old as 85.

  5. Can you be hypnotized against your will?
    Of course not. You must be a willing participant.

  6. Will I remember?
    I have only had 2 clients not remember and that was during a past life regression session.

  7. Who are the best subjects?
    If you can go to sleep easy or read a book/watch TV and block out your surroundings you are a good subject but remember everyone can be hypnotized. It is just some people need some help and that is what the first part of my session does. It sets you up for success.

  8. Why is the session so long?
    The most important thing is to have you experience hypnosis and the best way is to teach you the process. Only 20% of the population are what we call natural somnambulists or the ability to relax and block out external stimulation.

  9. What is the most important aspect of the therapy?
    It is simply to BELIEVE AND EXPECT. To believe that you have made the right decision with regard to doing hypnosis and your selection of therapist and to expect a positive result. This is my goal. To give you the results you want.

If you have a question not answered above, call me and I would be happy to talk to you.

In order to enter this condition, we call hypnosis, you must be aware of the mind set that is required. It is important to spend enough time on this subject so that all participants understand the requirements for hypnosis. Hypnosis is a learned skill that, with practice, is very easy to master. Listed below are the topics I talk about to give all participants a full understanding of this process.
Hypnosis Myths - I explain and clarify the falsehoods surrounding hypnosis.
What Hypnosis is
- Most people are under a misconception about hypnosis. I explain the psychology of hypnosis.
Why Hypnotherapy works - Willpower very rarely works. You need to think differently. Hypnosis helps with this process. Once your conscious mind is relaxed then hypnosis allows the therapist to make adjustments at the subconscious level
Conscious vs. Subconscious Mind - I explain the theory behind and the difference between both your conscious and subconscious mind.
Suggestibility Testing - This helps the attendees to understand the process and mindset necessary for hypnosis to be most effective.  It is at this part where we decide to proceed with the hypnosis of have you go home, practice and return for the hypnosis at a later date.

By explaining hypnosis, you are able to make people more comfortable with the concept and you are able to dispel all myths and misconceived notions about what actually happens during a hypnotic session.



The same information is covered in both group and indivudual sessions. The only difference is that the group session is completed in one session while the individual session is over 2 meetings.

The only difference between a group or individual session is that during the individual session I am able to talk to you about your personal goals and use them in the hypnosis section which cannot be done in a group session.

GROUP SESSIONS - one session 2 1/2 hours in length

                             INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS

OPTION 1 - 1 hour hypnotherapy session for your specific problem. I will also send you a downloadable recording to use as reinforcement at any time.
COST - $150.00

OPTION 2 - A more comprehensive approach where I look at your anxiety level or any other stressors that may cause a relapse.

There are 3 parts to OPTION 2.

PART 1 - QUESTIONNAIRE -  I send you a questionnaire to complete and return to me before your session. That gives me a sense of your issue and anxiety level. I need to know if there may be something in your life that may sabotage your success. If there is, and not uncovered, you are highly likely to revert back to your problem behaviours. In many cases, negative behaviour is the result of unresolved issues.

PART 2 - ZOOM TELECONFERENCE - I send you a video link and we go over your questionnaire and that gives me a blueprint on how to proceed. I explain hypnotherapy, how it works and help you understand the mindset required to make it successful. The important thing to remember is that hypnosis is a learned skill so it is important for me to spend time with each client helping them understand the process so they are ready for the hypnotherapy. This is usually 60 minutes but can be up to 90 minutes depending on each individual client.

PART 3 - HYPNOTHERAPYYou have 2 options:

    1)   Recording - I record a personalized hypnosis session based on our ZOOM session based on the information I received from you and provide you with a link to download.
Total cost is $250.00

     2)   In my office Before I schedule you for your visit, I will send you a hypnotherapy recording link to practice so you can experience what it is like to truly relax. This is important so you are ready. It may take you several times. Once you feel you have the process,  you call me and we set a time and date.  You would need to have a friend accompany you and drive you home because of the hypnosis. Some people can go very deep and that may cause a lingering state of drowsiness after the session so safety is my main priority. I still record your session. It is around 60 minutes. Total cost is $350.00.

     A $100.00 deposit is required, refundable with 24 hr. notice.

The most important aspect for hypnosis to be effective is the time required to learn the process. This is why we spend the time before the therapy so you are ready. Even the best preparation may not be sufficient because you may have something on your mind that could prevent relaxation. THIS IS WHY THE RECORDING IS SO CRITICAL. You can use the recording at any time as reinforcement and to keep you focused and on track.

Covered by most health insurances under Naturotherapist

GROUPS - $150.00/person (10 people minimum)


I am available for group sessions and will travel to your workplace or home and conduct these sessions. Please call me, and I would be more than happy to discuss your individual situation in more detail.

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