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The Message

As a certified hypnotherapist and cognitive behavior therapist, I understand how stress causes problems in both the workplace and at home. Everyday, I talk to people who are emotionally and physically drained due to the pressures that life brings.

Emotions like fear, anxiety, anger and resentment account for 80% of all stress. In fact, studies have shown that problems fall into three categories:

1.   TOXIC THINKING: A poor or negative attitude and chronic complaining cause anger and  frustration which in turn leads to a toxic work environment and increased stress.

 2.  PERSONAL & BUSINESS PRESSURES: Deadlines, personal crises, time and money
      problems cause anxiety and depression which in turn leads to increased mistakes,
      absenteeism and ultimately stress.

3.  POOR COMMUNICATIONS SKILLS: Not listening and improper handling of employee situations cause resentment, anger, employee apathy, disgruntlement and yes, even more stress.

In my practice, I help people to cope with stress in the following ways: 1) showing them a different way to think about life including how to recognize and correct irrational thoughts; 2) providing them with the tools to set and achieve realistic goals; and 3) creating an atmosphere of well being by balancing their personal and business lives.

My presentations focus on the individual and how to create a well balanced life so you don’t end up at the bottom of a black hole now knowing how you got there or even how to get back out. They empower people with the tools and skills to create a wonderful and fulfilling life. You will leave revitalized and ready to tackle anything life throws your way. My most requested and powerful KEYNOTE is below. You can also view my other sessions by clicking on Seminars under EDUCATION.

Ever had an A-HA moment.
You know, when that little voice in your head says...WOW, I never thought about life like that. It doesn't happen very often but when it does, it can change your life. From creating more happiness to eliminating problems, from understanding how our brains work to achieving our life goals, Gary takes his audience on an incredible journey of self discovery by examining the conscious mind and provides strategies that can make our lives better. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you deal with it. Gary's message is about creating awareness of our thoughts as this is where it all begins. He says: "When you change the way you think about things, the things you think about change." You will also discover: 

* The most important question you could ever ask yourself.
* The one question to avoid asking because it gets you an answer you do not want to hear.
* The one question to ask yourself so you NEVER make an assumption ever again.
* The greatest gift you can give yourself.

Employees walk away from this session empowered with a new sense of awareness and equipped with the tools that will help them achieve their true potential.

Here is what some of my clients have said

 Gary did an excellent job of engaging the crowd with his wisdom, humor and gift of storytelling.  His visual aids drew people in, and his messaging on how people can live better lives through simple changes was dynamically delivered!  We really enjoyed our day!  A. Garland, Dept. of Education

 Gary’s ability to captivate and engage his audience is astounding. We have been holding team building sessions for years and the feedback from our evaluation was 100% positive. This was a first. We will be definitely using his services again. ~ Shirley Smith, HR manager Cahill Group of Companies.

Your seminar on positive thinking got us looking at how our language can create problems and you provided some great ideas on how we can create positive outcomes. ~Lesley Troke, CNLOPB 

Thank you, Gary, for taking time from your incredibly busy NL schedule to accommodate us and add two presentations in Nova Scotia. I was very fortunate to be able to attend the morning session and I am so glad I went. You conveyed some very practical and simple lessons for living life well, and did so in an atmosphere of compassion, hope and inspiration.  Much of what you said resonated strongly for me and I thank you personally for the insights. Many others felt the same way based on the feedback I have received. You have a remarkable talent for reaching people – guiding them to their inner resources, raising their awareness of the support systems that surround them, opening their hearts to the joy of possibility and encouraging them to embrace change in their own way and in their own time. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. It was a privilege to make your acquaintance. Wishing you continued serenity. ~Lorraine Galley, Special Advisor, Canada Revenue Agency


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