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What if I told you that you could provide your students with a learning experience that could change their lives, help them become better individuals and give them a head start as they embark on their life long careers?

And what if I told you that my strategies will help these students:

1.) Produce extraordinary results
2.) Improve the quality of their lives and
3.) Guarantee their success.


I have developed a series of seminars that provide high school students with the tools necessary for a successful life. These seminars are designed to be sequential and begin with my entry program

From Middle School to High School - getting off on the right track, followed by From Classroom to Boardroom - helping students make the transition and concluding with We Were All Born Winners - helping students achieve their true potential.

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This seminar helps students get on the right track after entering high school. Through video, former students talk about their experiences and provide valuable insight into what worked for them.


This program teaches 10 life principles to help students make the transition to working life. Students get to see first hand some wonderful success stories as young people talk about their choices and how they managed to turn their lives around. Students will understand and be ready for what life is really like.


Now that students understand how life really works, let’s give them the tools for success. This seminar helps students think like winners by developing a winning attitude.

During these 1 or 2 hour seminars, I share the secrets to uncovering your true potential. Students learn LIFE SKILLS guaranteed to provide a good foundation as they prepare themselves for entry into the work force.

We all need a little help along the way and my lecture helps students understand the keys to personal empowerment and ultimate success. These secrets can be applied in both their personal and professional lives.

These seminars are multimedia interactive presentations where students get to hear and see, first hand, some wonderful success stories from people who have managed to turn there lives from tragic ones to lives filled with promise. In addition, students get to be involved in some interesting decision making scenarios, all designed to provide real life experiences to help them develop strategies that lead to proper decision making abilities.

These next few years, after graduation, are critical to any students success. Good choices will lead to very rewarding and fulfilling lives while bad decisions can be devastating. These seminars will give students techniques and strategies they can use to carve a successful career and life for themselves and their future families.

There is also an optional 1 hour hypnotherapy session that focuses on self esteem and ego building and strengthening. One of the biggest problems young people face is low self esteem and hypnotherapy provides students with an opportunity to change there way of thinking.

Each seminar includes a teachers manual and student handout. Teachers receive an audio CD and written copy of my presentation.

I am not a motivational speaker. I consider myself a human capacity coach. I help people discover their limitless capacity for growth and learning. Over the past several years, I have presented a similar program to many business people through MUN'S Life Long Learning Center. I have also worked with Nfld. & Lab. Housing as well as the Human Resources Department at MUN and the Health Care Corporation. You can click on the Seminars link to get more information.


I get many calls from parents wondering if I can help motivate their kids. These children range in age from 14 - 18. Some of these students have low self-esteem, others a drug problem while others are just not motivated. Being a former teacher I understand.

We all want the best for our children including seeing them reach their true potential. Having spent the last 30 years developing school programs including, "DISCOVER THE MAGIC IN YOU, SAY NO TO DRUGS," AND "LIFE SKILLS FOR STUDENTS" which have all been endorsed by the Dept. of Education, and both the RNC and RCMP, I understand the secret to success. I have also been involved in a project with the RNC and RCMP called, "KIDS & DRUGS" where we help parents develop skills to help them work effectively with their children to help them make correct decisions.

We all need a little help along the way and these seminars do just that. Everyone deserves the best from life and this is the goal of these workshops.

My 6 week program is designed to change the way students view life by helping them understand the secrets to success and to stop the self-defeating behaviour that causes so many young people to fail. HERE IS THE SESSION SCHEDULE:

Week 1- Setting the Stage.
In order to have a successful program it is critical to determine at what stage the student is. There are a number of forms that are completed by the student and these forms are reviewed and discussed There is also a comparative form completed by both parent and child and the answers discussed to see if there are any disconnects. The final portion of this session is an in-depth analysis of the students thought process and this will determine the next steps.

Week 2 - How to Effectively Use Your Brain.
It is more than ability that gets us ahead in life. Motivation and attitude are the key ingredients behind every successful person and it all begins with the predominant thoughts we have. Every behaviour, every act, every feeling begins with an initial thought. Your brain does not care if that thought is positive or negative, it will manifest something from that thought. This session helps students understand how to create an environment that fosters a positive attitude, a self-motivated nature and a recipe for success.

Week 3 - How to overcome limiting self-defeating beliefs.
Within us lies our core beliefs and we see whatever we are lead to believe. Beliefs are choices we make reinforced by our behaviour. Neural plasticity allows us to re-program our subconscious beliefs so we can change the printout of our lives. Realize that anything is possible if you program yourself for success

Week 4 - How Life really works.
As teenagers we feel that we know everything and we are invincible. We have all the answers until we come face to face with the real world. Life is tough and a teenagers ability to make good decisions will determine whether their next few years are going to be very easy or awfully difficult. This session helps students to get prepared to make the transition from the Classroom to the Boardroom by understanding some guiding principles that every successful person uses.

Week 5 - How to develop a life plan.
As teenagers as long as we have a few dollars in our pocket for tomorrow that is what matters most. When a student fails to prepare they essentially prepare to fail. Having a reason to get out of bed each day provides the motivation to learn and without motivation the alternative is very bleak, drugs, alcohol, acting out, skipping school and the list just goes on. This section provides students with a blueprint that guides them to an understanding of how to set achievable, realistic goals so they reach your true potential.

Week 6 - Review of Life Plan.
Students are given 2 weeks to complete their plan and have it ready for their final session. Once this planning process is complete there is a final check to make sure they are on the right track ready to achieve their goals.

The first session is 90 minutes while the other 5 are all 1 hour in length. In addition to these sessions, students will be given assignments to complete before each session and reviewed and discussed at the next session. There are some exercises that will be done by the student only and others that both student and parent do. This is a very intensive hands-on program designed to get students on the right track, help them develop focus, improve their attitude and marks and prepare them for working life. This program is what is missing in the school system. Students get lost, have no direction and as a result fail. Everyone deserves a chance and this program will give your child just that. I have been delivering school programs since 1997. Here is what some former teachers have said. You can also click on the testimonials link below to read what other students thought about this program.


"Gary’s program is an invaluable asset to the education system. I encourage attendance at this seminar as it teaches life skills that help students understand the progression from the discipline of the classroom to the reality of working life."
- Fred Andrews, past president, NLTA

 "Gary's initiative to link the formative years of high school with success in the business world provides practical advice to young people to help them facilitate that transition."
- Dennis Byrd, retired school teacher

 "Gary truly presents some rules to live by that, if followed, will definitely allow people to find real happiness, peace and fulfillment in their lives. A great program!"
- Peter Andrews, Canadian Certified Counselor

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